Electric vehicles are the talk of 2021 St. Louis Auto Show

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – The mood at this year’s St. Louis Auto Show may have an electrifying impact on car buyers. Manufacturers are producing more and more electric cars.

There are more than a half dozen electric vehicles on display and show organizers expect that number to increase dramatically in the years ahead.

Doug Smith is the executive vice-president of the St. Louis Auto Dealer’s Association. He states, “That’s the future of the automobile it really is. There’s been a real push over the last few years to electrify the manufacturers’ fleet.”

Probably the best-known such vehicle is the Tesla. Susan Vickey owns a Tesla, “I think it would be wonderful if everybody drove an electric car.”

The local Tesla owners club proudly showed off their own vehicles.

There are different electric cars to see, Mustangs, Volvo had a model and so did Chevy.

Michelle Heinle was looking at new cars, “I’m a little hesitant about electric cars still, yes, she said.”

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Just how far can you travel on one charge is a frequent question. Those who know say the range has grown from 70 miles to as many as 400.

Doug Smith said, “There’s different things going to affect that whether the ac is being used whether the heaters being used.”

Jonathan Rennard is a car enthusiast. He said electric autos are too quiet compared to a gasoline-powered V-8, “You get the thrill of the sounds, the noise, the gear changes the mechanics, people like that.”

If you want a quick charge you will probably have to make changes to your home electric system. And Missouri has a problem when it comes to charging stations. Smith added, “Public charging stations are a little bit scares right now in Missouri there are some efforts to increase that.”

People who love electric vehicles expect in just a few years, they will dominate the car show instead of gasoline-fueled autos. James Majerus is president of the Tesla Owners Club, St. Louis, “I think you’ll see a significant switch to electrification in the next five years just because the drives much better.”

Prices on electric vehicles are dropping. Manufacturers turn out more than 70 different models. The auto show continues through Sunday.

Gen I: What Investing’s New Class Looks Like

COVID-19 sparked a lot of change in the world in 2020. In fact, the effects of the global pandemic are still being felt in the workplace, the travel industry and the entertainment sector, among many other places.

That includes the stock market. COVID-19 might have triggered a mass exodus from stocks in February and March, but that dip (as well as a flood of stimulus checks) opened the floodgates to a rush of new investors. In fact, according to a new survey conducted by Charles Schwab, 15% of U.S. investors got their start in 2020 – a group it calls “Generation Investor,” or Gen I.

“We’ve seen tremendous growth and engagement among individual investors over the past year as a result of lower trading costs, new products and services aimed at greater ease and accessibility, and the investing opportunities presented by market volatility,” says Jonathan Craig, senior executive vice president and head of Investor Services at Charles Schwab.

The popularity of the Robinhood app drew attention to the hot stock-seeking trading tactics of Generation Z – those born in the mid-to-late 1990s through the early 2010s. However, Schwab’s data shines the spotlight not on any specific age group, but on a multi-generational group of people defined by when they started investing.

More than half of Gen I is millennial (born 1981-1996), 22% comes from Generation X (born 1965-1980), 16% is clustered under the “Generation Z” umbrella and 11% hails from the baby boomer generation (born 1946-1964). The median age of Gen I is 35, 13 years younger than the median age of those who began investing before 2020.

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In terms of gender, the vast majority of Generation Investor is male – a similar trend seen in pre-2020 investors – though female investors are a larger component of this new investor set. According to Charles Schwab, 40% of Gen I is female, compared to 35% of women who already had a stake in the stock market prior to the pandemic.

Additionally, Gen I earns nearly $20,000 less on an annual basis than pre-2020 investors ($76,000 vs. $94,000). This isn’t too surprising given that 62% of people within this group were financially impacted by the pandemic, compared to 52% of those who had investments prior to 2020.

But, as Schwab points out, Gen I isn’t letting that stop them. According to the survey:

  • 43% of Gen I plans on investing more in 2021, versus 20% of pre-2020 investors
  • 72% of Gen I is optimistic about the U.S. stock market this year, compared to just 63% of pre-2020 investors
  • 57% of Gen I thinks the stock market is going to go up in 2021, while 44% of pre-2020 investors project additional upside for stocks this year
  • 30% of Gen I expects to actively manage their portfolios in 2021, versus 19% of pre-2020 investors
  • When asked about their main goals in investing, many in Gen I said they wanted to build an emergency fund and gain an additional source of income. Saving for retirement and purchasing a home were also important factors.
  • Eighty-two percent of respondents say they are confident they will reach their financial goals.

As far as the biggest surprise they learned during their first year in the market, 36% of respondents said it was discovering that investing was more about the longer-term gains versus the shorter term wins in stocks. Coming in at a close second for Gen I was discovering just how much time it takes to research what they were going to invest in and why. Some other important lessons were on diversification, capital gains taxes and risk tolerance.

But there’s still a lot for these new investors to learn. Despite all the information they digested over the last year, more than half of respondents say they are uninformed on investing fees and the tax-efficiency of their portfolios.

Going forward, Gen I is looking for a toolkit. According to Charles Schwab, 94% of respondents want tools to do their own research, with 82% interested in access to an investment professional to provide ongoing support and guidance.

“While it’s exciting to see this new generation of investors, the industry now has a call to action – to give this group the tools and services they need to be successful over time,” Craig says.

Zidane on Messi ahead of Real Madrid vs. Barcelona: La Liga needs him

Zinedine Zidane has said he hopes Lionel Messi will stay at Barcelona, saying his presence is “good for La Liga” ahead of an El Clasico clash that could help decide the title race.

Real Madrid host Barcelona on Saturday with both teams looking to chase down leaders Atletico, with Barca just one point off the top and Madrid two points further back.

Messi has failed to score in the past seven Clasicos, last finding the net in the fixture in May 2018. He has yet to announce a decision on his future, with his Camp Nou contract expiring in June.

“I hope he stays at Barcelona,” Zidane said when asked if this could be Messi’s last Clasico. “He’s fine there, and it’s good for the Spanish league too.

“We know the player Messi is, that won’t change, even if he doesn’t score,

“But we play against Barcelona. It’s Madrid-Barcelona. They’re all really good. We’ll try to overcome their strengths, and we’ll try to play a good game with the ball.”

Madrid go into the match in arguably their best form of the season, having beaten Liverpool 3-1 in their Champions League quarterfinal first leg in midweek, and have gone nine games unbeaten in La Liga.

Barca’s unbeaten league run is even longer, stretching 19 games back to December, but Zidane denied that losing Saturday’s Clasico would see either side knocked out of the title race.

“Atletico have an advantage, they’re first,” he said. “Whatever happens, right until the end, we’ll all have to play for the league. Until the end, we won’t know. I don’t know how many points are left, but it’s a lot. Tomorrow they’re three points, the same as against Eibar or Cadiz or the rest.”

Zidane was also asked about reports linking long-term Real Madrid target Kylian Mbappe with a move to the Bernabeu this summer, after Spain’s Deportes Cuatro reported that the forward had decided not to renew his contract at Paris Saint-Germain.

“It’s different [with Mbappe] because I know him, we know each other really well and that’s all,” Zidane said when asked for his reaction. “But he isn’t my player and I can’t talk about anything… Kylian is a great player, and what he wants to do in the future we’ll see. Right now it isn’t my concern.”

15 Daily Habits Causing You to Gain Weight

A long, long time ago, a completely wrong-headed idea started being passed around America’s dinner tables: Eating fat makes you fat. Well, it’s time to erase that from your mind as it’s simply wrong. Eating fat won’t make you gain weight, any more than eating money will make you rich. Consuming foods that are high in calories can lead you to pack on the pounds, and most “low-fat” or “fat-free” foods actually have just as many calories as their full-fat versions, because of added sugar and chemicals.

And there’s no debate on this one: Since we made “cut down on fat” our favorite food craze roughly 30 years ago, the U.S. obesity rate has doubled. Among children, it has tripled.

But it’s just one of many bad habits that can be causing weight gain that starting now, you will turn into a “slim-down” habit. All you need is a pinch of resolve and a few new routines. Here are the 15 daily habits that are causing you to gain weight you can replace right now. And be sure you’re not filling your kitchen with any of the unhealthiest foods on the planet.

Importance of Humor in Sales Presentation

Even though sales are not laughing matters, it is surprising how much humor can do to a business when used during a sales presentation. Some of the advantages of using humor in sales presentations and product advertisements are as discussed below:-

Humor improves product differentiation for the company

The use of humor results in product differentiation and makes it more attractive to the target market. Product differentiation is one strategy in marketing, that enables a company to achieve competitive advantage from other companies producing similar products. Further, by promoting product differentiation through humor, the company develops uniqueness in their services or products. Therefore humor is an essential factor in a sales presentation.

Humor facilitates the demand for the product

In the course of a sales presentation, humor improves the products demand. in other words, humor helps the company and the salesperson to improve the brand image of the products by being friendly and human. Most consumers like to be influenced by appropriate humor since it indicates the level of humanity in the salesperson. For that reason, many customers will demand the products that are appropriately advertised with appropriate humor.

Humor enhances consumer-company relationships

Using humor leads to the development of a personal relationship between the consumer and producer. During the presentation, humor impacts the message and communicaion in general. As such, humor creates a positive consumer-producer relationship. However, it is also important to note that people have differences in what impresses them. Therefore, the salesperson should be careful with the kind of humor he/she is using in the sales presentation. Positive impact promotes a positive relationship between the company and the consumer.

Humor facilitates positive attitude in consumers

The use of humor is the best way to develop customer’s positive attitude towards the product. In this case, humor facilitates customers intention to purchasee the product. Lack of humor during a sales presentation, casues a negative influence on the customer’s intention of purchasing the product. Therefore, using humor during sales presentations decreases the intrusive nature of the communication, hence leading optimal marketing outcomes.

In conclusion, the use of humor in advertisements and sales presentations is a good strategy for promoting the product and improving marketing skills by a company. Therefore, any company with an aim of increasing profitability should employ the use of humor in its advertisements.


For a serious business transaction, one needs to avoid compromising topics such as racism, sexism, tribalism and so on while using humor. Such topics normally develop critics of the product and the company, hence reducing its performance.

Focusing on the business objectives when using humor during advertisements and presentation improves its positive impact on the business.

Important Benefits of Solar Energy

Many people and the modern industries experience the significant advantage of the solar energy. The primary reason is that it is in the category of renewable. With the disappearance of fossil fuels from the planet together with the higher cost, different countries have decided to go for the sustainable energy source. The sun is the biggest supplier of energy. The energy produced by the sun is useful in the following ways.

Have no pollution

The first benefit you can get from the solar energy is alternating it from petrol. The reason is that it does not pollute your environment but have the reliable, clean energy to the users. No emission of harmful gases, that are from the solar energy. The other importance is that the solar power does not emit the noise to the atmosphere.

Renewable Energy

The solar energy is freely generated. Many people enjoy the energy security. The installations of solar power make sure you do not have costly bills from the electricity. The expenditures will go down, and no restriction will be there to use any gadget in your household. It is essential to use the solar energy in any remote place for the power provision.

The maintenance is cost-effective

Due to the technology, the support of solar panels is low. Again, for you to have the power increase, you require the addition of extra devices to the system. Many homeowners because of the installation of solar energy can solve their problems. The installation of solar panel is once and final. Thus, all the recurring cost are over.

Installation simplicity

Like any other mode of electricity, the solar panels installation is straightforward. The process does not need wiring like for the method of electricity, and therefore your upkeep cost will go down. Also, you will not need to struggle for space to allocate the solar energy since you can use the building rooftop. Due to the distribution fashion of installation that pertains the solar power, the investment of large scale is not needed.

Warranty of long-term

Different companies provide the warranties for the solar panels that last for a considerable period. Another thing is that the device can last longer due to lack of moving mechanical parts. The solar energy can provide power to a broader area that electricity supply is scarce.

Finally, there is more pollution from the electricity sources, and therefore it is wise to consider the best alternative. The best option is the energy solar from the sun. The solar power energy will be able to provide you with significant benefits that will minimize your cost of power.

How to Raise Incredibly Happy Kids

How can parents raise happy kids?

  • Form Strong Connections.

You can raise incredibly happy kids when you give your child your undivided attention. Speak to in a kind and loving voice. Play fun games. Children enjoy quality time they spend with their parents. Turn off all electronics that would distract your time together. When they are upset and hurt, offer gentle and loving words of comfort. Be conversant with your child’s habits, needs and wants.

  • Show Unconditional Love

Show your child that you love them even when the child breaks your rules. Continue to love them unconditionally. That does not mean that you do not discipline them. Show them that there are boundaries they should not cross. Be firm but gentle with them. Assure them that you love and care.

  • Provide Security and Stability

Provide a secure environment where your child feels safe. Provide a stable environment where you child will grow strong and thrive. It will help them be the independent individual who is confident and well adjusted in the society. This generation is experiencing more dramatic changes most of which are harmful to the development of the child. Security and stability are critical now more than ever before.

  • Acknowledge Your Child.

Acknowledging is very important in their overall development. You should understand their weird actions and tantrums even when sometimes it’s impossible to tell what the problem is. Your child will feel better when you address and understand their feelings. Recognize your child’s effort’s and achievements. Be proud in the little things they do to please you.

  • Pay Extra attention.

Pay extra attention to your child by attending to their needs. Nurture your child with loving kindness. Respect their needs and wants and attend to them. Notice everything they do and compliment them when they are trying to impress you. Keenly listen when they are talking and correct them gently in a language children understand.

There are many ways of bringing up incredibly happy kids. With the right attitude forming strong connections, showing unconditional love, providing security and stability, acknowledging your child and paying extra attention to them will automatically produce mature and well-rounded children who will grow up to be independent and respected citizens in the society.

4 Simple Techniques To Fight Procrastination

Procrastination is a looming issue faced by many people in their day-to-day life. The delays and avoidance of tasks waste time, and hinder productivity. Therefore, coming up with methods to combat procrastination is vital. Here are three simple techniques that you can apply to fight procrastination.

  • Break Down Tasks

One of the main reasons for procrastination is due to large tasks appearing overwhelming and intimidating. An effective strategy to fight procrastination is breaking down large tasks into smaller manageable steps. This will help reduce the fear associated with the work.

  • Reward Yourself

Lack of motivation is a common reason for procrastination. Regularly rewarding yourself for each completed task will help get you going. Your brain will start to associate the tasks with something desirable making it easier to focus.

  • Have Fun

Most tasks procrastinated aren’t fun which leads to boredom thus the unnecessary delays and avoidance. You need to mash together something that you enjoy with the unexciting task to make it more tolerable. It could be dancing while you’re vacuuming the house, or listening to music as you write that report. Anything that you find could help get you going.

  • Forgive Yourself

Research suggests that procrastination is rooted in your psychology. The delay of tasks affects your self-worth as it brings you down for not completing tasks and achieving your goals. Take the time to forgive yourself when you slip up. It will reduce negative emotions and improve future results.

Final Thoughts

Tasks can sometimes be daunting but are a necessary undertaking for success and attainment of goals. Take smaller steps, pat yourself on the back when you make progress, and remember to have fun in everything that you do. If you do procrastinate, free yourself from guilt, forgive yourself and get it going. Incorporate these simple techniques to fight procrastination, and you will be well on your way to experience the best version of yourself.

The Impact of Social Media to Business

Social networks currently play a significant role in every advertising strategy, and the advantages of using web-based social networking are essential to the point that most people are implementing this resource. This online social networking industry will undoubtedly continue to become great in the coming years. With such shocking improvement, every business today needs to utilize genuine online platforms in a perfect way. Here is how social media impacts businesses.

Increases Brand Awareness

Actualizing a web-based social networking procedure will incredibly build your brand recognition since you will connect with a wide crowd of buyers. Online posts and promotions are fundamental approaches to direct people to your site. Sharing incredible content for your blog or website to your social channels is an excellent method to acquire readers.

Online networking enables your business to show a positive image to your clients. Individuals like to work with other individuals, as opposed to organizations. At the point when brands get interactive by sharing substance through social media, it builds a brand.

Creates Customer fulfillment

When tending to questions regarding your business, you might want to be quick however you additionally need to be thorough. Speed is necessary when addressing questions and complaints on social media. Being comprehensive and fast when responding will help you maintain customer connections.

Having the ability to respond to questions shows that you are aware of your customers’ needs and plan to give them the best. Social media marketing done correctly can be a precious resource towards getting your clients fulfilled. Many carefully mindful buyers don’t hesitate to use web-based social networking when they experience an issue with an item they cherish, and it is up to you to take advantage and offer excellent customer service.

Social marketing on online platforms can convey success towards your business. It is true that proper customer service keeps your customers satisfied and makes clients give referrals to your business.

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Four smart places to invest your money

The financial market and the economy are now entering a new phase, full of new risks and opportunities for investors. It is evident enough that unemployment levels are declining and there is hope that inflation will start to pick up. As it is with economic transitions, this moment of change is creating new opportunities in the financial markets: the landscape is shifting and investors need to come up with smart ways to invest their money. Where should you invest your money? Here are the four areas you may consider:

Inflation-Protected Bonds (I-Bonds)

Inflation denies you the opportunity to reap from your investment in traditional fixed-income securities. This is because the money you earn through interest is not worth as it was during the initial investment. This phenomenon has prompted some financial institutions to come up with products which shield your investment from inflation. Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS) are one way to go about this. TIPS come at fixed interest rates but the principal may fluctuate. You can also purchase I-bonds which are some form of savings bonds whose interest rates fluctuate while the principal remains constant.


As the global economy recovers from the recession, the fear of deflation has been replaced with concerns about possible inflation. For some time now, the price of commodities such as oil, gold, land packages and agricultural products have been on an upsurge. Most businesses have not been able to pass down the high costs down to the consumer but there is a likelihood that all this will change. While some experts rule out the possibility of inflation being a major problem, you should not throw caution to the wind. Inflation cannot be ignored. Real assets such as commodities could provide protection for your investments in an inflationary environment. However, rather than trying to invest in the next ‘hot’ commodity, tap into an extended exchange-traded fund or a mutual fund and invest in a range of different commodities.

Municipal bonds

The municipal bond market is attracting more investors by the day. Most issuers are able to repay their obligations without any problem and the returns are good; a 10-year bond may yield about 4 % interest. The secret to success is simple: learn to protect yourself from weak issues.

Australian Dollars

Steve Persky, managing partner of the Dalton Investments was quoted saying, ‘One way to hedge it is with the Australian dollar.’ True enough, the Australian economy was unscathed by the global recession. It did not fall victim to the credit pressure, which faced much of Europe and the USA. So, if you want to invest, you now know where to put your money.

As is evident, there are many places in which you can invest your money. Keep in mind to involve a financial advisor to guide you. Share this content with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms.