10 myths about mobile phone batteries that are increasingly popular

Our smartphones have come a long way since the 1990s. However; there are still a lot of common myths surrounding our tiny devices. One of the most misunderstood features of a smartphone is the battery. Although there are a lot of tales out there aimed at prolonging your battery life, it is essential to understand that most are false. Here are 10 myths about mobile phone batteries that are increasingly popular:

  • Smartphone batteries are designed to last forever

    If you are a heavy smartphone user that utilizes lithium-ion batteries, your battery is only intended to survive 300 to 500 full cycles, which is about a year for a frequent user. The capacity for your battery diminishes every time you charge it.
  • You should only use original brand chargers

    Manufacturers include this instruction in their manuals merely because they prefer you to purchase just their accessories. Any high-quality charger can work on any smartphone.
  • You should let your battery run out

    For your battery to last, never allow it to run out entirely as it is terrible for it. Charge your battery until it attains 80% charge and re-charge it when it is at 20%.
  • Leaving your battery plugged in can damage it

    Contrary to popular belief, you can leave your battery plugged in all night and nothing will happen to it. Nowadays batteries and chargers are now smarter than before, and most will stop charging as soon as the array is full.
  • Closing apps will improve your battery life

    Open apps, even multiple ones, have no effect on your battery. Closing apps that you use commonly and re-launching them actually forces your phone to load back into the memory again, which actually puts more stress on your battery.
  • Disabling Wi-Fi and the location services can extend your life

    Previously, the Wi-Fi would require so much energy that consumed your battery life but the vase if different today.
  • Never use your phone while charging

    Although incidences of exploding phones, phones on fire and electrocuting phones have been reported online, there isn’t actual proof that they occurred.
  • Your battery should drain before charging it

    This was true of nickel-zinc batteries, but it does not apply to lithium-ion batteries which are used for most devices nowadays.
  • Storing your battery in the fridge

    Keeping your battery in the refrigerator will only damage it instead of making it last longer.
  • Task managers and memory tools help

    Not only are task managers and memory tools unnecessary, but they may end up slowing down performance. Instead, you should disable background features for your apps if you want to extend your battery life.p

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