Power of patience

You have heard the phrase “patience is a virtue” so many times haven’t you? Patience is a powerful quality that everyone should have. It is however not easy and requires a lot of effort to practice. This can be attributed to today’s world of technology. This includes communicating through text, call or email, traveling from one continent through the air, warming food in the microwave within seconds, finding your match by swiping right on tinder etc.

This has brought about the rise of instant gratification. It is worth remembering that not everything can be solved by technology, including how others and life in general treats you. Frustrations are inevitable when life does not turn out to your expectations.

One expectation could be on oneself, where you set goals and targets for yourself. Most times things could go wrong and fail to run on your schedule. You could fail to get that date, lose that potential girlfriend, lose that business deal etc. It is necessary to be hard and tough on yourself. Patience, however, helps in being calm, learn lessons from failures and make improvements.

Interacting with other people could also test one’s patience as people are different and do not run on your schedule. The key to not getting frustrated is being understood and trying to get their point of view. Examples could be expecting an employee to meet a deadline, the line at the mall to take the shortest time or your spouse to remember to take out the trash.

Impatience never does any good as it can cause stress, panic, anxiety and a tone of other negative emotions. Patience is a powerful tool in helping you cope through the harshness and frustrations of life. It makes the waiting worth the while, maintaining good relations and celebrating every little milestone in life.

You Can Achieve Success

Nothing is achieved by simply wondering if you are going to be great. Wonder without any plan of action is pointless. The reality is that you have to make a plan and set it in motion to achieve goals.

You are valuable to the world. You have something relevant to contribute. The good news is that you don’t have to wait a long time before you start the journey of reaching for success. When you have a desire to achieve something, you already have made a big step toward progress and success.

You can start with your story. The truth is that we all have a story. You have something unique to say, do, or sell that is worthy of sharing with others. Perhaps others can learn from your failures or frustrations. Perhaps you have a new innovation.

Jot down your ideas. Conduct research and even do interviews. This information will lead you to more success. You may include all of these things in a book, or you may decide to place the information on a website. Or perhaps you will create a program or some type of product to sell.

When you are just beginning, you must realize you will not be on Broadway or on the front cover of some popular magazine. But you will get noticed by some people who will be interested in what you have to offer. That is where it all starts. One success at a time will lead to your overall success in the future.

Note that you cannot build your future simply on hope, though you must maintain a positive outlook on the journey toward achieving your desired success. Social media is what will get you noticed and your business known. Therefore, it is important for you to be on social media promoting your business, ideas, products and services. Facebook and Twitter are great to start with. Try other social media sites you like as well.

Now that you realize you must create a plan, now that you realize you are valuable to the world, now that realize you have something important to say, and now that you realize social media can help you, keep on reaching for your goals.