Fun activities to do during Christmas holiday

Season’s Greetings, Christmas is here with us! Christmas gives us time to slow down the hassles and bustles tempo and get down to a serious celebration. Apart from writing cards and wrapping presents, one has to think of fun ideas to do, and make the season memorable. Unfortunately, many people are either spoilt for choice in determining the ultimate fun ideas or are utmost clueless on the best fun activities. Here are just a few to consider this Christmas season.

Stage a Talent Show
A talent show knows no age; both kids and grownups can participate. Your family can show off its talents to your visitors, or better still dancing to their favorite songs. If you want the show to be elaborate, you can settle on sets, originals scripts, costumes and even a live band. It can as well be as casual, and as simple as possible. Only find out what works best for you and get the non-performers enjoy doing what fascinates them the most.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt outing
A successful Christmas scavenger hunt starts with first having a list of the things you intend to go in search of. You should consider finding a polar bear, three wise men, penguins, Santa on the sleigh, a native scene, a reindeer, etc. Scavenger hunting is a perfect activity especially if there is a prize for the winner.


Christmas camping
How about camping in front of your Christmas tree while reading holiday stories to your family? Christmas treats such as Christmas caramel popcorn, chocolate Christmas treats and more should be a must-have.

Winter Sports Check!
If you live near a winter recreation area, participating in some winter sports such as skiing, ice skating, snow tubing and sledding would probably be both easy and affordable. If you stay miles away, it would be exciting to take a drive to such areas to try out this Christmas fun activity.

3 Practical Steps to Planning a Thanksgiving Party for Kids

Are you planning to organize a Thanksgiving party for kids? Whether you are a parent, a schoolteacher, or a volunteer worker for children, you may want to consider throwing a simple Thanksgiving celebration that your kids will enjoy. It will not only enhance everyone’s social skills; it can also help little ones develop a deep sense of gratitude.

Planning a Thanksgiving party for kids may not be as easy as organizing a party for adults. Kids tend to be picky eaters and may easily get bored when there’s nothing in the party that makes them get excited. Thankfully there are four practical ways to organize a kids-only Thanksgiving party. Here’s what you can do:

  • Make a Guest List

As with organizing any other kind of party, making that guest list is always the first concrete step. Who do you plan to invite and how many? What would be their age range? Do most of the attendees know each other? Do they need to be accompanied by parents or guardians, or would you prefer that they be dropped off at the party venue? If you are organizing a Thanksgiving party for young children and teenagers, you may want to ask them to list down friends they’d want to bring along to the party. This way you can easily assess the type of games and food they might like. On the other hand, if you are organizing for toddlers and preschoolers, it may be wise to invite other children from the same school, neighborhood or day care. It is important to note that kids will enjoy going to a party where they can be with other kids who are related to them or of the same age or group.

  • Plan a Kid-Friendly Menu

Once you have finalized the guest list, you may want to start planning the Thanksgiving party menu. Now, it is easy to assume that the usual Thanksgiving menu would work out just fine. However, it may be wise to remember that many children tend to be picky eaters and may not appreciate traditional dishes served during this occasion. In most cases, kids tend to get too excited over play and party games that they hardly finish their meals. Consider serving a wide array of light and heavy snacks. This is to ensure that every kid can have food that he or she can actually consume. You may want to combine healthy snacks like salads and kid-friendly snacks like pizza.

  • Create Quick and Easy Party Games

What is a kiddie party without games? You may want to start off the party with a few games that younger children can easily enjoy. And before closing off, another round of fun games might be a good idea. There are so many ideas for party games on the Internet. Choose the ones that are easy to follow and may be related to Thanksgiving. You may also consider organizing a small crafts activity project for toddlers who like to keep their hands busy. Building kits are widely available at local department stores. Get the ones that both boys and girls can enjoy together.

When planning a Thanksgiving party for kids, keep in mind these three practical steps. Once you have fairly accomplished all, you will find that organizing a party for children may not be too complicated at all. Many options and ideas are available. The key is to plan ahead and to plan well to ensure that everyone will have a good time at Thanksgiving.

How to Organize a Halloween Costume Swap

How to Organize a Halloween Costume Swap

Does Halloween cost too much, and leave behind a mountain of garbage? Organizing a costume swap is a fun way to encourage a cheaper and cleaner holiday. You may wind up with a fabulous costume for free, and some new friends to eat your candy with.

Check your local library. Depending on where you live, your library may already be doing all the work for you. Many libraries across the country sponsor events in the fall where all you have to do is drop off the costumes you and your children wore last year, and show up for the swap event if you want to shop for replacements. Check the website, and ask your librarian if your community would be interested in joining the trend. Of course, it helps if you’re willing to volunteer.

Put on your own event. Organizing your own costume swap may be easier than you think. Decide if you can afford a paid venue or if you need free space. Good options may include local schools, churches, shopping malls, and community centers. On a smaller scale, you could even use your own garage or backyard. Gather the essential resources you’ll need including volunteers, clothing racks, tables, and chairs.

Cover the details. To encourage traffic, you’ll need some publicity and signage. Put up flyers and post notices on social media and community bulletin boards. Consider having additional activities to keep children amused like bobbing for apples or face painting booths. Announce any rules like requiring costumes to be in new or excellent used condition, and setting limits on how much each individual can take. You may also want to collect donations for a worthy charity, and donate any leftover costumes to local schools or amateur theaters.

Celebrate this Halloween with an economical and eco-friendly costume swap. A local Game of Thrones fan may love the homage to Hodor that you wore last year, and you’ll both feel good about creating less post-holiday waste.