Landscaping Your Front Yard to Maximize Security

One of the best aspects of a home is its curb appeal, which includes not only the appearance of the exterior of the house itself but the surrounding landscaping as well. You can further add value and safety to your property by designing your landscape with home security in mind.

Hiding Places – Keep all of your trees and bushes trimmed so that no one can hide behind them. You’ll also want to ensure that you don’t have shrubs that are tall enough to conceal a person. Even with a short hedge, for the maximum security, you should keep it small enough that it won’t provide cover for anyone kneeling behind it and waiting to get into your home. Clear lines of sight are essential for the utmost safety.

Thorns – An excellent deterrent to anyone trying to break into your home is rose bushes or another thorny type of foliage. Plant these under all of your windows. No one will want to deal with getting all scratched up to get inside. Roses make a fabulous choice because they come in a variety of colors which will also add interest and beauty to the front of your home. When purchasing rosebushes though, make sure that they’re not a variety without thorns, which do exist.

Lighting – You’ll also want to include adequate lighting in your landscaping. Burglars tend to stay away from bright places, so lights will encourage them to bypass your home. Solar lights that line the walkway up to your porch is a great start, along with a quality porch light. You can also include accent lighting in your yard to highlight your trees, bushes, and flowers, making it even harder for an intruder to remain unseen.

So, when you consider the outside of your property, think about more than mere appearance. With the proper landscaping, you can achieve beautiful curb appeal as well as safety for your home and family.