The Pros and Cons of Using Drones

Most institutions have resorted to the use of drones to execute tasks that were previously discharged manually. Indeed, drones have innumerable benefits compared to their demerits. First, drones have helped to enforce law and order. Security personnel uses drones to track and apprehend criminals. In addition, countries like the United States and Canada use drones to arrest illegal immigrants and drug traffickers. Second, drones have revolutionized agriculture in the United States. They help farmers to determine the sections of the land that require considerable attention, therefore minimizing wastage of farm inputs. Third, drones have facilitated operations of media and entertainment companies. Journalists and filmmakers use drones to take aerial photos of areas that cannot be accessed from the ground. Finally, drones have enhanced the safety and productivity of property claim adjusters. They have made it easy for adjusters to locate and evaluate buildings that cannot be scaled using ladders.

Despite the drones helping the state bodies to maintain law and order, many people allege that the bodies need to come up with alternative measures. Individuals opposed to the use of drones claim that they infringe on privacy. Police and other law enforcement agencies use drones to watch activities taking place in public events or a city. The information that the drones collect is not censured. Therefore, they might infringe on people’s privacy by gathering sensitive information. Many people view the use of drones to enforce the law as a violation of human rights and the infringement of private lives. Some people view drones as Big Brothers on the space that curtail people’s freedom to go on with their daily activities. Unfortunately, the government cannot enforce the law without monitoring activities of all people, as it is hard to identify and isolate criminals.

The truth is that people use images and videos to analyze and interpret daily events. It does not matter if the events are happening in their midst or elsewhere across the globe. The use of drones to enforce law and order helps to track and apprehend criminals. Indeed, the rate of crimes has gone down in the United States. The development of drones has transformed law-enforcement in the United States. Despite the legal and social challenges associated with drones, it is hard for law enforcement agencies to disregard their benefits. Therefore, states will continue to use drones and to improve their capabilities to enhance public safety.

Despite the numerous benefits associated with drones, their usage infringes on people’s privacy. The government cannot enforce effectively the law without monitoring the activities of its citizens. Therefore, the government should treat information gathered by drones with utmost confidence to avoid violating human rights.